Bride at a wedding with Amercian Sound Productions
Present Border wih Indianapolis DJs American Sound Productions
First of all, we at American Sound Productions would like to congratulate you on your impending wedding and celebration. It is
our sincere wish that yours be a happy and lovely marriage.
Undoubtedly, your wedding day is one of - if not - the most special and important days of your life. Due to the very nature of this
day and all that it encompasses, American Sound productions is particularly sensitive to your need for an experienced,
courteous, properly attired wedding DJ/Master of Ceremonies that will keep your guests informed on the order of events, ease
the transition from formal to festive and keep the floor full of enthusiastic dancers.
We attribute this success to our enthusiastic mastery of all musical genres -- from Disco to Hip Hop, Country to Jazz and all points
in between. But our expertise does not end with musical knowledge alone. We have skilled backgrounds in broadcasting, public
speaking, audio engineering and party planning.
As a prospective client, American Sound Productions will consult with you about the formalities of the wedding reception such as
the bouquet and garter toss, formal introduction, toasting, couples dance and order thereof as well as music selection, DJ
interaction and party atmosphere. For your consideration, we offer tasteful lighting packages, and small to powerful sound
We at American Sound Productions understand that every wedding and reception is as unique as the couple of honor. In keeping
with this concept, we customize our DJ services to complement and suit your style and taste with the utmost emphasis on
service and professionalism.
Last but certainly not least, American Sound Productions is no fly-by-night moonlighting operation. We are full time professionals.
This is what we do and all we do. And we love it. We book on a first come, first serve basis so we urge you to call us for a quote
and reserve your date early.
Once again, congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!

Don Tilford
American Sound Productions and American Wedding Photography
A bride and family at a Wedding with American Sound Productions
A bride and family at a Wedding with American Sound Productions
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A $50.00 VALUE
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We are a proud vendor of
American Sound productions Disc Jockey Entertainment
The first Dance CD Plaque shown above is free to all Wedding couples who
book through American Sound Productions.  If you already have an outside
DJ and would like this Plaque please call us at 317-786-1258 and order one
today.  The Plaque is $25.00 plus $15.00 shipping and handling.
A framed plaque with
your first dance song!
Plaque includes CD, song title, artist, wedding couple &
wedding date.  Your plaque is computer type set and hand
mounted in a beautiful wooden frame and presented to you
immediately after your first dance.
Style, frame, size, and content may vary from picture above.



Soft beautiful music has been playing while you have been finishing up on your
post pictures at the church.  Now comes one of the dramatic events of the
evening.  Your entrance into your reception hall.  Our DJ at American Sound
Productions will get you lined up in order as you prepare for your entrance into
the ballroom.  As you take a deep breath, the DJ says "AND NOW, LADIES AND
STANDING OVATION FOR MR. AND MRS. JACKSON!  Music will be elevated and
our light show will power on for the very first time as you walk into the room
with all your family and guests standing.  WOW! What a moment!


After your grand entrance, most couples want to go directly into dinner since
most of your guests will be hungry.  This will also be your very first meal
together.  Since one of your greatest expenses on your wedding day will
probably be your meal, we always let you take your time so you and your
guests can enjoy a relaxing dinner.

Next will be the toasts.  By tradition, the best man will toast the groom first,
followed by the maid or matron of honor.  Parents or guests may also present
any toasts at this time.  Feel free to make your toasts as long or short as you
would like.  You can also search the Internet for some beautiful toasts if you are
out of ideas.   

Following the toasts will be the cake cutting which is normally your desert after
dinner.  Be sure to keep the top layer of your cake which you will freeze and
have on your first anniversary.  If you're on a budget, Wall-mart sells more
wedding cakes than anyone in the nation. Their batter is perfected and their
cakes are always great.  You can pick from a large selection from books they
have to get one that is customized just for you.  Three level wedding cakes start
at $137.00.  Wedding cakes get sliced up in a matter of minutes and are there to
serve primarily as a back drop for your pictures, and something for your sweet
tooth after dinner.  With this in mind, don't sink a fortune in your cake.

Now comes one of the most romantic events of the evening.  Your First Dance
as man and wife.  Many couples get lost in their First dance as they exchange
their emotions and feeling with each step they take.  The room will tend to turn
and blur in the fun and excitement of the moment.  You will also find many
couples reaching across the table to take the hand of their loved one during
this dance.  We are also the only DJ service in the Indianapolis area that offers
a free First Dance Plaque as shown below.  It's a $50.00 free gift from us to the
bride and groom.  This will also be something that will be passed down and
cherished years from now with the children.  Your spot light First Dance will be
a dance that will last the rest of your lives!

Father Daughter Dance
Following the first dance will be the Father Daughter Dance.  A lifetime of
memories will come and pass as your father holds you on this special dance.  
This is the first time that a father truly realizes that his daughter has grown up
and that her wings have folded out as she takes flight on her wedding day.  
Brides and Fathers have a very difficult time holding back happy tears as both
whisper special memories in each others ears.  This will be a special time to
thank your father for all the things he has done through the years.  It will also
be a moment he will carry with him the rest of his life.  This is a special time,
and a special moment that will be like no other.

   Mother Son Dance
Another special moment to look forward to will be when it is time for the
Mother Son Dance.  A lifetime of memories will be traded and passed during
the Mother and Son Dance.  The Mother & Groom’s dance is the dance between
the mother(s) of the groom and the groom. Grooms, if you have more than one
mother in your life, one can tap the other on the shoulder in the middle of the
dance so you can dance with both of them. If you do not have a mother, a
common substitute is a mother figure or even your sister would make a very
nice gesture.

        Bouquet Toss
The traditional tossing of the bouquet is when the bride tosses the bridal
bouquet to all single women in attendance.  Most brides will have a secondary
bouquet to throw to the single girls.  You will keep the one you had at the
alter.  Tradition has it that the girl who captures the bouquet will become the
next girl to marry!
Serving Indianapolis Indiana and surrounding area
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